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I’ll get there.. the pics are here!

Just tried to upload a few and for some reason they aren’t uploading correctly (or at all??)

..but they are coming.



New Christmas tree in the center after the first one was burnt. (This one was later decorated with raw meat and garbage bags. Don’t let anyone tell Greeks aren’t festive.)


A little break from the broken glass, protests and tear gas. 🙂


One of the hundreds of smashed out storefronts.


Yesterdays class was cut very short as they rushed us out of the building because students were burning buildings/cars at the gate of the university. I caught this on the bus on my way home today – several burned out cars and trucks. . . but the bus driver didn’t co-operate and it’s not a very good pic.


Closed uni.. (occupied by students) but ‘The Greek language classes will normally go on’ …with instructions in Greek on how to get in the building. Handy, hope we’ve been paying attention in class.


Okay, I admit. I took this yesterday. But I liked her too much not to use and I didn’t like anything I had for today. So there.


Protesters (dancers?) in front of Parliament. They brought instruments and everything.


This means I have laundry hanging  over every radiator in the house. Nice.


Aha. Got it working again.

Saturday afternoon in the center.