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Market day..

I found this awhile ago and thought it interesting (although this picture is not everything we purchase during a week. We still purchase bread, pasta, meat etc. at the grocery store.)

All of this was 20€ – about $29… and 9.50€ of that was the ton (8lbs!) of grapes and the big melon thing. I think that’s going to end up being something like cantaloupe. I saw one cut open and it looks like cantaloupe. . . smells like cantaloupe. . . hopefully it is cantaloupe.



  1. Look at all that fruit and those veggies! You’re a good girl.

    Oh, and it’s a cantaloupe.
    Just sayen.

  2. I even tried to google cantaloupe (or cantelope)

    ..and I know I’m a good girl.
    Just sayen.

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